Become Safe, Strong, Confident, and Fearless!

Empowerment & Self-Defense Classes for Women

Get your Blackbelt in 1-2 years even if you have a busy schedule, small body, prior injuries, and no fitness.

You're a powerful professional woman in stem, law, real estate. You're independent, travel the world, goes running in the woods, wants healthy relationships, wants to succeed in male dominated field.
You've been wanting to get some empowerment and self-defense training so taht you can protect yourself, defend yourself from attacks, have amazing situational awareness, speak up for yourself, and more! But, as often the case, life has gotten in the way of your SAFETY.
Maybe you took a self-defense workshop a long time ago but don't remember anything. MAybe you enrolled in a martial arts class but it's too time consuming and impactical. Maybe you even took some practical training but it was too generic, and wasn't personalized to your needs and challenges.
you're tired of living in fear of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, street violence, and domestic violence. You're ready to take some online self-defense classes.

But there are some looming questions that keep you from Taking Action to Change Your Life!

Problem 1 - I don't have time. We're so busy with work and family, how could we possibly make time for ourselves to add another thing on our plate?! If we see THE REAL Maslow's Hierarchy, Safety & Empowerment is our BASIC necessity. Once we prioritize and build these, all areas of our lives get better. We'll create more time, energy, and success in our lives!
Yeah, that makes sense, doesn't it? Actually, this program is entirely online for a purpose. We've done extensive research on self-defense and empowerment that shows that women learn best remotely than in person. 100% of our students have reported that they have learned 3x faster and their training has been way more effective.
I hear you! Weekend long Self-Defense workshops are very common and quite convenient. The question is: How much of that is relevant and how much do we remember? How much do kicks and punches (martial arts) help us when we're facing harassment or being followed on the street?
... and we're happy to help you :) We have partial SCHOLARSHIPS available for EVERYONE who needs it. See the FAQ section for more details. This program will also help you increase your income and become more financially stable. Income is, after all, an important piece of EMPOWERMENT!
Absolutely! We support you and applaud you for prioritizing yourself and your sanity. With Private 1:1 Lessons, Flexible training schedule, 24/7 access to your Instructor, and Customizing based on your unique challenges, we guarantee your Personal & Professional Growth.If the program is not right for you, we will let you know in your FREE Training Call and also refund you within 30 days of starting the training. It's absolutely RISK-FREE!

YES! The BEST Online Self-Defense Classes & Empowerment Training for Professional Women is HERE! 🎉

There is NO program like Defense Ninjas out there, GUARANTEED! We've got you covered my friend 🤜

Introducing Online Self-Defense Classes for Women
Defense Ninjas Women's Self-Defense Blackbelt Program with Stars
Fauzia Lala wearing Defense Ninjas grey jacket. Women's self-defense and empowerment course, worksheets, video recordings, discussion forum, and 24-7 access to instructor
Fauzia Lala wearing Defense Ninjas grey jacket. Women's self-defense and empowerment course, worksheets, video recordings, discussion forum, and 24-7 access to instructor

Empowerment & Self-Defense Classes for Women

A Breakthrough Blackbelt Program that helps professional women combat sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and domestic violence, making them strong, safe, confident, and fearless in their personal and professional lives!

Blackbelt Program


$1250/month → 50% off!

Limited Time Offer ⏳

  • Self-Paced Online Course
  • 1:1 Private Lessons
  • Access to Community
  • 5-6 weeks per Level
  • Recordings of Classes
  • Testing & Certificates
  • Private Access to Instructor
  • Personalized Training
  • Lifetime Support Blackbelt+

Actual Value: $2250

  • Empowerment: Certification Programs = $1250/month
  • Martial Arts: $150/month for 8 years = $600/month for 2 years
  • Private Lessons: $100/hr + 4/month = $400/month
  • Total: $1250+$600+$400 = $2250/month

Our Price: $1250

Today: $1250 $625

Take a Look inside the women's self-defense and empowerment blackbelt program (with a golden arrow pointing down)


Master your empowered body language so that you can prevent attackers from targeting you. Learn how to escape and release from basic grabs so that you can run away to safety without engaging with your attacker.


Enhance awareness of yourself and your surroundings so that you can proactively prevent dangerous situations. Learn easy and effective counterattacks to defend yourself from chokes and other life threatening attacks.


Develop your confidence and communication skills so that you can build authority, trust, and get a promotion at work. Learn what to do when a robber enters your home or a thief tries to steal your purse on the street.


Upgrade your self-talk to develop a strong sense of self-worth that attracts respectful relationships. Learn how to take an uber or cab safely, avoid being carried off into a car, and break through a duct tape if you're bound.


Boost your ability to hold your ground, speak up for yourself and become the Queen of your Life to create the outcomes you desire. Defend and counter multiple domestic violence attacks simultaneously such as hair grab and punch.


Succeed in ending an argument and achieving your desired result while staying strong and calm. Learn what to do if you fall when you're attacked, how to fall correctly so that you don't get hurt, and how to get back up strong and ready.


Build your self-esteem to eliminate areas of your life that disempower you. Find and break negative patterns that you're constantly falling into. Learn how to stop an attacker from dragging you by your hands and feet.


Grow your leaderships skills so that you can make the right decisions, negotiate, and win. Learn techniques that will help prevent rape, choke, and other attacks while you're laying down and your attacker mounts you.


Flourish your relationships with friends, family, and significant other. Diminish your everyday stress and anxiety. Take back control of your Life, and takedown some bad guys - or drunk friends who you might not want to hurt, but just stop.


Achieve all your goals, overcome phobias, save money, gain time, become productive, and declutter your mind. Become unstoppable to create the life that you want. Escape gun, knife, and baseball bat attacks. Use your phone or keys as defensive weapons.

... and there's more!

Thought you were done here? But we have more to give you :)

FREE Planning Session

You get a FREE 1 hour assessment call with your instructor to understand challenges in all areas of your life, create a goals list, map out a gameplan, build a roadmap, and customize your training so that you can maximize your results and success in the least amount of time!

Make Me a Ninja!
Self-Defense for Women. A Women in STEM nurse explains her transformation in relationships.
Self-Defense for Women. A female Engineer explains how she got a promotion at work by training in Defense Ninjas Self-Defense and Empowerment blackbelt program

Your Success is Our Priority

We guarantee your satisfaction in our training program. 100%. This is the BEST program, with the BEST Quality, and the BEST Price.

If you find that the program is not the right fit for you after completing Level 1 (<45 days) then we will refund your tuition. We are committed to your success and we are here to serve.

Let's Get Started!

Hey Rockstar,

I'm Fauzia Lala, a double Black Belt Martial-Artist, Self-Defense Expert, & Empowerment Breakthrough Guru.

I have trained in 7 martial arts for 12 years and I have first degree black belts in two martial arts.

After realizing that martial arts doesn't teach REAL-LIFE self-defense, I started Defense Ninjas™ - an empowerment based self-defense system that helps women conquer and master all areas of their life, including personal development, professional success, safety and well-being.

I have Education and Training in:

✔ Martial Arts

✔ Exercise Physiology

✔ Neurolinguistic Programming Psychology

✔ Health, Wellness, & Nutrition

✔ Life Coaching

Defense Ninjas Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment Redmond Police Seattle

Years in Business


Women Served


Hot Chocolates Per Week


Who's The Right Fit for Defense Ninjas?

✨You're a woman/womxn or identify as one.

✨ You're a professional or a stay at home mom looking to become safe, strong, and successful.

✨ You're between 24 and 54 years old.

✨ You're actionable and result-driven.

You're Not a Good Fit if...

✖️ You're looking to learn some cool and unrealistic martial arts moves.

✖️ You want to take revenge on someone. (You'll learn defensive techniques only, not how to be an attacker).

✖️ You're not serious or ready to take action to change your life.

Got Questions? I've got Answers! 👇


Are you currently facing an empowerment issue that you'd like to resolve?

Get on a short call with our Head Coach Fauzia Lala and she'll walk you through the 3-5 steps you can take to resolve your challenge* within 1 week!

* For immediate threat to your life and safety, please call your local police.

Customized Training Plan


30-45 min
  • Identify your current safety & empowerment challenges
  • Assess your goals
  • Understand your roadblocks
  • Get a customized action plan to help solve your challenges, achieve you goals, and eliminate your roadblocks
Hey Fauzia. Thank you so much for the call! I felt that the customizable plan and the conversation about the interconnectedness between self-worth and self-defense expanded my perspective on these issues. I am already identifying areas in my life that I can work on and having a discussion about some helpful methods and strategies has assisted me in this process. Thank you again for providing useful actionable steps in this free self-defense training call!

A Life Changing Experience!

GIFT 🎁 yourself the time to enhance your self-protection, self-care, and self-confidence skills. This is the most valuable hour ⏳ you can give yourself every week. Exceed your expectations. Become a Ninja! What are you waiting for my friend? :)

Fauzia Lala wearing Defense Ninjas grey jacket. Women's self-defense and empowerment course, worksheets, video recordings, discussion forum, and 24-7 access to instructor
Fauzia Lala wearing Defense Ninjas grey jacket. Women's self-defense and empowerment course, worksheets, video recordings, discussion forum, and 24-7 access to instructor

Actual Value = $2250

Our Price = $1250

Today's Contribution = $625

Start Your Empowerment Journey Today!

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