Why is Self Defense Training for Women Important

Why is Self-Defense Training for Women Important?

Updated: Jul 29

You'll be surprised what you're capable of!

Are you a teenager who is involved in several activities?

Are you a student heading off to college?

Are you a mom who battles awkward encounters?

Do you work in an aggressive environment?

Do you stay out late at night?

Do you live alone?

If you answered YES to any of these, self-defense classes are important for you!

Why Self-Defense Classes Suck

Now you might be thinking, ARGH! Please Noooo...

I'm with you my friend. Self-Defense Classes are usually:

  • Just martial arts classes. Not quite as practical.

  • Too hard to learn. I need to punch, kick, and scream all at once?!

  • N hours class I'll learn once in my life. I won't remember anything anyway.

  • Quite boring ...

If you're wondering, "well, what should I do?", you've come to the right place to find your solution! Before I answer this question, let me highlight statistics proving the importance of training.

Why Train

New research from the University of Oregon confirms that it’s not just about physical strength. Statistics show women with self-defense training are able to more easily recognize signs of danger and avoid harm before it happens.

“Women trained in self-defense are clearer about their own desires in an interaction, and are more willing to speak and act on their own behalf…reducing the odds of an assault.”

–Researcher Hollander (UO)

How To Train Like You're Playing a Game

Ok, so now that we have established the importance of self-defense training for women, let's dive into how you can make this experience enjoyable for yourself. The secret formula to the best self-defense experience for you is this. Ready?

Self-defense training should feel energetic like dancing, enjoyable like playing a game, and relaxing like yoga and mediation; all together learning something in a short amount of time that you'll never forget!

That's Why We Did It Too!

Defense Ninjas incorporates these above elements in our Seminars and Classes to make them fun and memorable and are unlike any others you're seen.

Our trainings are:

  • 1-2 hours format with simple EASY-TO-REMEMBER techniques

  • 4-5 weeks format to learn more and remember more.

  • 3-4 yr format to get 100% of it as well as build in enough muscle memory to remember years later like biking and swimming.

We also incorporate these elements in our self-defense training:

  • HIIT or Zumba dance workout with self-defense forms

  • Games (ex. dodgeball, cat & mouse, crabs & monkeys, etc.) with self-defense stances and movements

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Empowerment Activity

We are unique in many other ways as well:

  1. INJURIES? NO PROBLEM. People with prior injuries can train just as effectively with us. Women in Defense Ninjas don’t have to feel insecure about physical limitations. Defense Ninjas teaches students how to maximize abilities instead of feeling limited. Successfully learning self-defense is just as much a training of the mind as it is the body.

  2. WOMEN ONLY. You’ll be training with me - Fauzia, a female instructor and with other women, so you can feel safe in the all-women’s class.

  3. MIND AND BODY. We offer mental empowerment and physical self-defense training. We train you in breathing, awareness, nutrition, confidence, and positive affirmations in letting go of your limiting beliefs about yourself. We offer a holistic approach to self-defense!

GIFT yourself the time of optimizing your self-protection, self-care and self-confidence skills. These just might be the most valuable 2 hours per week of your life, so don't miss it!

Exceed your expectations.

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