Is Your Teen Being Bullied or Feeling Unsafe?

Learn the strategies top experts use to eliminate teen anxiety and bullying for good!


Did you know that 54% of Female Teens and College Students are Victims of Sexual Violence?

Make your teen safe & strong using our proven 5-step framework to combat any kind of attacks - verbal, physical, or psychological.


You Can Become Safe & Empowered

Learn the 5-Step Formula to build your Safety and Power:

  • Eliminate bullying at school.
  • Prevent rape at college parties.
  • Crush attacks due to your race, religion, or other personal beliefs.
  • Stop verbal abuse or controlling dominating behavior.
  • End anxiety and fear.

Yes, it Really IS Possible!

In our Free Teen Safety & Empowerment Masterclass, you’ll learn how to finally take back control of your life and carve your own success powerfully.

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In The Next Hour, You Will Learn How to…

  • Finally feel safe
  • Enjoy complete freedom
  • Always feel peaceful and powerful

We teach you the RIGHT WAY to develop you self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence to tackle any challenges thrown your way.


I'm Coach Fauzia

After learning 7 martial arts for 14 years with 2 blackbelts, I was still being attacked on the street and by people I knew. That's when I realized that self-defense alone does not make people safe! So I spent over a decade learning psychological techniques, which I have used to transform my life and hundreds of teenage girls - making them truly safe.

Today, I am respected wherever I go and my teens are conquering their bullies, mastering their success, and winning over the hearts of all the people they meet. I’ll show you how your teen too can become safe, strong, powerful, and unstoppable.

This Masterclass Is For You If...

  • You are drowning in anxiety
  • You are being bullied
  • You are feeling unsafe doing activities
  • You are scared of taking the bus alone
  • You fear that someone will attack you

"My daughter is now standing up for herself, being tough with peers, and doesn't let anyone mess with her. Incredible transformation from her being anxious, depressed, and unfocused!"

- Layla (Therapist)

"My bullies stopped bothering me entirely in just 1 week. Before, I was being bullied everyday! Now I am not as scared about doing new activities, have not had any panic attacks, and am thriving!"

- Maddy (Teen)

"Fauzia showed me how to build my confidence. Her self-defense and empowerment program is personalized and empathetic. I no longer feel or look like a victim and am not a target on the streets."

- Alison (College Student)

According to National Sexual Violence Research Center, 2 out of 3 college students experience sexual harassment.

More than 50% of parents with children ages 11-18 years report their children being bullied at school.

According to CDC, 44% of teens experience violence (with a high risk for committing suicide).

Don't wait until your teen becomes a victim.