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Anywhere from one-hour workshops to six-week series, for non-profit schools to for-profit organizations; regardless of group size, age, gender, or length of workshop, we have something for you!

Insights Global
Customized Self-Defense Curriculum for Recruiting Agents.
University of Washington
Customized Self-Defense Workshop for College Sorority Students.
King County Marymoor
Customized Self-Defense 5-week Workshop Series.
Overlake High School
Customized Self-Defense Workshop Curriculum to train teens and young adults.
National Charity League
Customized Self Defense Workshop for teens heading to college.
Boys and Girls Club
Youth Self-Defense Workshop.
Yoga Bliss
Customized Self-Defense Workshop for moms and daughters.
Flow Fitness
2.5 hr Women's Self-Defense Workshop in Seattle
Lean In
2.5 hr Women's Self-Defense Workshop
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Single Mom and IT Professional

I am so glad I joined. It has helped me identify techniques for real world situations - from shoves/pushes and grabs to more serious assaults. Classes are fun too!

- Amelia N.


1-2 Hour


Situational and Self-Awareness Training

Body Language Training


Street Physical Self-Defense Training

Ground Self-Defense Training

Weapons Self-Defense Training

Work Empowerment Based Training

4-5 Weeks

1 - 1.5 hours per week

Week 1: Body Positioning & Movement 

Week 2: Hand & Collar Grab Escape

Week 3: Hair Grab & Bear Hug Escape

Week 4: Choke & Weapon Escape

Week 5: Ground Defense



Call: +1-650-NINJAS-1





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Police Training

Our instructors are trained with Redmond and Bellevue Police Officers to provide you the most relevant knowledge, realistic scenarios and practical training.

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Real Scenarios

We don't teach martial arts techniques. We don't teach you how to kick or punch because 70% of people who are attacked have been reported to freeze. Those who unfreeze try to escape. Those who do manage to throw a punch end up facing more retaliation. Your attacker has enough adrenaline pumping through their body to hold on, and your fear reduces the effectiveness of your attack. We teach you what is effective - how to freeze correctly, and how to escape, so that you can strengthen your strengths, not your weaknesses.

All Body Types

Some of our instructors are small bodied and still succeed against larger attackers. Unfortunately many self-defense trainers today tend to be male or just stronger and their techniques involve a lot of upper body strength that doesn't work with smaller bodied or less flexible people. We teach how to use your body, just as it is, to your advantage.

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Personal Experience

We've faced violence before ourselves from the streets of downtown to office environments, so we know what happens and how we react.

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Empowerment Based

According to Seattle PD research, most attackers pick their victims based on body language. So we teach self-confidence, posture, and language to help you avoid a potential attack. Deterrence is the best self defense.

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Fully Customized

Our curriculum is based entirely on your occupation and lifestyle. We also work within your budget. If for any reason you'd like to train with another company, please ask us for referrals! We want to ensure your success and will point you to trainers we trust. Remember, partial knowledge is a dangerous thing. Not having any training is better than having training that will cause more harm. So please, just ask :)

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Serving the Greater Seattle Area

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King County Marymoor

Customized Self-Defense 5-week Workshop Series.

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