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Promote cultural competency, prevent sexual harassment, increase diversity and inclusion, learn deescalation strategies, and create powerful employees who feel safe, strong, confident, and in control of their personal and professional lives!

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Fauzia Lala is a Double-Black Belt Martial-Artist, Personal Safety Expert, and Empowerment Breakthrough Guru. Fauzia has trained in 7 martial arts for 12 years and earned first degree black belts in two martial arts.
Fauzia has worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Legal Consultant at a Fortune 500 Law Firm, and served as a Vice President of a Local Private School.
After facing sexual harassment, gender inequality, and discrimination in her corporate workplace, Fauzia decided to start Defense Ninjas - an empowerment based self-defense system that helps women in STEM and other professional women master all areas of their life, including personal well-being, professional growth, and physical safety.
Fauzia teaches proactive and preemptive techniques to prevent predatory behavior and thrive as a woman or a minority. How amazing would it be where instead of learning how to ESCAPE a bad situation, you never get into one? How exciting would it be to never have to worry about your safety and just live your BEST most powerful life?
After years of research, working with law enforcement, and training with psychologists, Fauzia finally cracked the code. She has now successfully helped hundreds of women worldwide speak up for themselves, stand up for their rights, succeed in their careers, and be safe traveling alone.

Fauzia been featured in:

  • Seattle Times
  • TEDx
  • New York Weekly
  • and more! 

Fauzia has Certified Expertise in the following areas:

  • Martial Arts & Self-Defense
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Neuro Psychology
  • Meditation, Nutrition, and Exercise Physiology
  • Professional and Personal Life Coaching
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"Amazing workshop! Fauzia brought a unique perspective on self-defense. It's not about kicking or punching; instead about showing up strong and confident. The reality is that most people we need to protect ourselves from are people we are not going to punch because we are in a relationship with them. Even strangers on the street can be avoided by showing up in a strong body language. Preemptive, proactive, and psychological measures is the Best Self-Defense. Loved it!"

Aman C.
Director, Microsoft

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We host workshops for small and large corporations, from startups to Fortune 500 and from for-profits to non-profit organizations, including schools and under-represented communities. Below is a small list of the organizations that we've worked with in the past.

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