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I'll show you EXACTLY what I have used for the last several years to help employees feel safe and become empowered at work, no matter what situation they found themselves in.

Be it sexual harassment, dealing with a violent co-worker, racism, getting a promotion, or becoming a valuable LEADER.

This is literally the SAME approach I’ve developed with law enforcement.

And learned from TOP EXPERTS in the field.

And used to train and help over 5K+ women and employees.

This approach has saved companies ... literally.

I’m holding NOTHING back!

Does Your Company Face Any of These Fatal Challenges?

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75% of employees face workplace harassment or bullying.

70% of Women in STEM experience micro-aggression and biases.

90% of Women in Tech experience sexist behavior from their coworkers.

50% of diverse (BIPOC) employees experience bias at work daily.

How Does This Affect Your Company?

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99% of Fortune 500 companies paid millions in discrimination or sexual harassment lawsuits.

 #1 reason for high employee turnover rate is workplace dissatisfaction.

2/3 employees turn away an offer from a company with a bad reputation.

About Coach Fauzia

After suffering sexual harassment as a female software engineer at a Fortune 500 company…

After facing bias and discrimination at a law firm because of my religion…

And after being attacked on the street several times…

I starting training in martial arts, self-defense, and psychology.

7 martial arts, 2 black belts, and 10+ certifications later, here’s what I realized...

My challenges with my coworkers didn't resolve. They only got worse.


Because I didn't believe in my own worth and power;
Because I didn't know how to stand up and speak up for myself;
Because I didn't know how to become a leader to create change;

Everything changed when I mastered these 3-Steps to Thriving in a Workplace:

Psychology (Self-Worth & Confidence)
Communication (Body Language, Facial Expressions, & Voice)
Sociology (Behavior & Action).

Let me tell you more about what I mean ...


While There Are Many Corporate Trainings Out There ...

Did you know that:

75% of corporate programs struggle to achieve measurable results?

Do you know why? Let me tell you ...

... because these trainings are PASSIVE an no one measures RESULTS.

Once I mastered the psychology of change and how to get people to take ACTION to create change, I was able to increase employee work satisfaction and productivity by 3x, while decreasing corporate expenses by 10x. 

Consequently, I made it my life’s mission to help employees become safe, feel valued, and thrive in their workplace.

I use my knowledge, personal life experiences, and trainings in Psychology (Yale), ESI (UC Davis), DEI, and other trainings with law enforcement officers and ex-FBI agents to build and unleash powerful professionals!

And Now You Can Master These EXACT Principles, in JUST a Matter of DAYS!

Like employees of all these companies ...


Insight Global

University of Washington

King County

Overlake School

Remember, Watching a Video or Listening to a Talk is NOT Going to Change Your Employees' Behavior, Unless They Take ACTION! 

With the Right Training...

Here are the RESULTS you can Achieve

Increased Productivity

Increased Work Satisfaction

Long-Term Employee Retention

Cost Reduction from Rehiring

Higher Profitability



We Have Partnered with the TOP EXPERTS

Bellevue Police

Redmond Police

Gracie BJJ

... And Have Learned From Many Leaders & Influencers

Jim Kwik

Yasmin Mogahed

Sen. Manka Dhingra

Now it's your time to seize our 15+ years of knowledge and propel your Employee Empowerment to the Next Level!


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