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Fauzia Lala Women in STEM Personal Safety Coach wearing Defense Ninjas Jacket and Hijab at a Corporate Workshop

Personal Safety Training

We at Defense Ninjas can’t wait to start training with you! However, before you reach out to us, please note that we do not offer short term classes. If your daughter is off to college and needs a 2-hour or 2-week class, that's too little time for anyone to learn self-defense. Any studio or instructor who says that they can teach you all the basics you need to know in such a short time is not being fully honest. It takes months to hone awareness skills and empowerment skills which are more important than combat skills. The goal is to PREVENT attackers, not fight them. Deescalation, body language, communication, awareness, and other preventative skills are the key to safety and such a training takes time.

The Defense Ninjas’ Blackbelt program is 10 months of self-study, with the option to schedule 1:1 sessions with coach Fauzia at whatever time is appropriate for your learning. You should expect to spend about 30 minutes per week, along with an additional 5-10 minutes of training with a partner on this program. Being a self-study course you are free to take as much time to complete the program as you wish. Should a student need to cancel their training early, they will lose access to the course materials, and will have to start back at the beginning when they choose to start training again. Those who complete the program for all 10 months will unlock lifetime access.

Those who are unable to invest in their safety by spending at least 30 minutes per week, do not have the right mindset for the Defense Ninja’s Blackbelt program and are not a good fit. Training for your personal safety does not need to be a full-time ordeal, but you must be able to commit to the program. We cannot help anyone who does not wish to prioritize their safety.

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Fauzia Lala Women in STEM Personal Safety Coach wearing Defense Ninjas Jacket and Hijab at a Corporate Workshop

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