5 things you MUST look for in a Self-Defense Program

Apr 16, 2022
learning remotely saves time and is more effective

 Imagine you are walking down a street and grabbed by the hair, your first reaction will be to make that person get off you, for which you would need some good self-defense techniques. On the other hand, you wouldn't go around hitting or yelling at people who apparently are threatening but haven’t done anything yet. Here you need to behave proactively.

A good self-defense program teaches not only a reactive approach but also a proactive approach. To experience a well-rounded self-defense program, the following are the things you MUST look for:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Remote learning
  3. Lifetime access
  4. Videos
  5. Customized training


Empowerment doesn’t mean you yell or shout at people, to look or sound confident and strong. In fact, it’s the other way round! People usually find it difficult to stop others from doing wrong to them. Why? –because they lack several things which they are unable to identify.

 Effective self-defense will help you get to the roots of the problem, which may be low self-esteem/confidence/worth. In short, it will work in-depth on human psychology and let you overcome these barriers.

Remote learning with lifetime accessible videos

It’s a general understanding, that to acquire certain training one must attend them in person, which means taking out an extra hour or so to drive to the center. Well, that’s just soo mundane! You attend physical classes only when you need to learn to combat.

A good program will teach you how not to get into situations where you have to be combative and all this can be learnt and taught REMOTELY! One of the features of an excellent self-defense training program is that it will provide you lifetime access to all the training videos plus you will have access to your trainer/coach (via online platforms) who will further help you in understanding and customizing the program for you.

You may ask Why lifetime access?

Well, that's the quality of an effective program. It understands that a person's challenges differ with age. What you face at the age of 25 will be different from what you will face at 45. So lifetime access to these videos will allow you to refer to them as and when needed.


Customized training

Another important feature you must look for in a self-defense training program is customization. Definitely, there will be a set of videos to be watched by all; which will form the foundation of the training. The layer topping these videos will be your one-to-one interaction with your coach who will further ‘customize’ things as per your challenges and circumstances so that you learn the best and most effective.             


Summarizing the benefits of REMOTE LEARNING

  • Saves travel time.
  • Classes can be taken at your convenience.
  • Reduced duration ensures learning is doubled.
  • Lifetime access to videos means you will always have a saviour no matter what age.
  • One-to-one interaction with your coach makes your learning more customized.