3 simple things you must build to effectively respond to POWER PLAY

Mar 04, 2022
One person shows dominance while the other completely submits himself/herself

Power and power struggle exists in some relationships. In some relationships, it is more obvious than others; however, how dominating one person is and how submissive the other one is, may depict the lacking of self-worth in both.

In a power play, both the parties involved are usually disempowered. One party will exert power on others as the only way for them to get validation is by putting others down. The fact they choose this way shows how much they lack self-worth.

On the other hand, the other person, whom the power is exerted, feels helpless and lets this happen to them, hence is also disempowered and lacks self-worth.

How to escape Power Play?

If you are on the receiving end, then you need to build your:

  1. self-worth
  2. self-confidence and
  3. self-esteem

Once these areas are built, you will notice yourself not falling into such power struggle games and people around you will start recognizing you as a strong and confident personality.

Besides this, as you are now fully aware of your worth, you will start making the right choice of people to surround yourself with and avoid relationships with disempowered people.

If somehow these disempowered people are your family, friends or co-workers with whom you cannot break ties, it may be a good idea to start speaking and standing up for yourself to maintain a healthy relationship. Such as warning them ‘not to speak to you in a certain manner or not to steal your ideas as this won't be tolerated.’

Eventually, the change in your behavior will uplift your position from prey and bring the other person’s down from predator, equal to yours; creating a balance.