Achieving High Self-Esteem Through Improved Body Language

Dec 06, 2021
build your confidence by focusing on self esteem building activities

How Does a Woman's Body Language Create Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

Strong, confident and empowered women are celebrated across the globe. Still, many of us women feel weak, insecure, and unworthy. Why is that? Why do we fail to realize our own self-worth? Did you know that there is a direct correlation to our feelings of low self-worth and our body language?

So how does low confidence and self-esteem impact our body language?            

How does this make you vulnerable in terms of your safety?

Let's explore ...      


Understanding the Relation between Self-Esteem, Confidence and Body Language

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. According to a study by Prof. Albert Mehrabrian, in communication, only 7% of spoken words matter, while 38% of voice & tone and 55% of body language is what is perceived!

You body language directly affects your self-confidence and self-esteem. The stronger your body language, the more you stand like a powerful leader, the stronger that evokes emotions of self-confidence and boosts your self-esteem.

On the other hand, your self-esteem and confidence has a direct influence on your body language.

To put it in simple words, all three act like a gear for each other; if any one goes down, the other two will suffer.

Women with high self-esteem have better, stronger body language and when you have improved body language you tend to have higher self-esteem.


Impacts of Strong Body Language:

For example, you are walking down a street alone and somebody follows you, you can deter the potential attacker by having confident body language. People usually struggle with this as they get stiff and uncomfortable having strong body language.

But if you work upon your self-esteem and self-worth you will feel more confident and display stronger body language. So it sounds like a chicken and egg problem, difficult to decide - which comes first?

Now that we know all three things:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Body language

influence each other, let’s see which one to tackle first.



Have you ever seen how a rock climber ascends? They take one step at a time and that one step helps them take their next step. One must follow the same rock climber principle and begin with the easier step, that is, work upon their body language, but first understanding body language and what sums it up is essential.

This will help you achieve, let's say, 50% of empowerment. Once you practice strong body language, even if it is awkward and not perfect, you will still notice a boost in your confidence and self-esteem. Now endorphins will kick into your brain, making you feel amazing. This primes your mind to accept the positive effects of body language and makes it easier for you to have a strong body language. Now the next time you try a great leadership posture, it'll come more easily and naturally to you and it'll have a stronger impact on your coworkers and yourself. Your self-esteem and confidence will boost once again. This is how the cycle will go on. One aspect will compliment the other.

Final thought:

Two important aspects of our personality are:

  • Physical (external); that includes: communication, verbal language and body language.
  • Mental (internal); includes self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.

Both of them play an instrumental role in handling situations where we feel harassed or when someone acts unjustly with us. Focusing on them will bring desirable changes in not only ours but also in the other person’s attitude towards us.

Practicing this will be a life-changing experience for you, your relationships with friends, with coworkers, and with strangers on the street. You will become a superhero who can walk into any room, into any conversation, and demand respect - by just being present and showing up in your body.