3 Types of Self-Defense Training

Jun 12, 2020
Women's Self-Defense and Female Empowerment

What YOU need specifically for YOURSELF

Defense Ninjas is not:

  • A martial arts school

  • A weekly group class

  • Standard program with same lessons for all students

We are a self-defense program specifically designed for teenage girls and adult women (including non-binary genders) that offers a unique training system known as The Ninja Breakthrough System™ which contains the following elements:

  • A Fully-Personalized Curriculum

  • 1:1 Private Training Methodology

  • Holistic Personal Development Program that includes law, fitness, health, and empowerment.

Self-Defense Programs that exist today fall into one of these categories:

Martial Arts Classes

As we discussed earlier, martial arts don't teach self-defense. They are called an “art" for their stylistic approach, not realistic training. If you train for 5-15 years in martial arts, you are likely to pick up enough self-defense skills. Even then, these only address situations where a person is physically being attacked and needs to attack back. What about scenarios like being followed or sexually harassed? You can't throw punches and kicks here and these are more likely to happen to women anyway. Martial arts won't help you in these day-to-day situations. To make it worse, it takes 4-8 years to get your Black-Belt. If tuition is $150 per month, that's $7K-$15K investment in your lifetime that adds little to no value. That’s rough.

Self-Defense Workshops

These are usually weekend long or a few weeks long. They are more practical combative techniques for situations where you need to fight for your life. These are usually 2-5% of the threats women encounter. They don’t cover 95% of the threats that women face, which are:

  • An aggressive or dominating coworker

  • A controlling or disrespectful date

  • Living with an abusive or manipulative partner

  • Being followed by strangers

  • Cab drivers harassing you

  • People at bars hitting on you during your night out with friends

  • Not getting a promotion at work because you are a woman in engineering

These are our everyday threats that every woman has faced at least once in her lifetime. A combative workshop won't teach you how to stand up for yourself, speak up when put down, and walk away when need be. They won't train you in your self-worth and assertiveness. These workshops may tell you, "Say Stop when someone touches you and you don't like it." That's someone telling you what to do, not training you on how to build the muscle memory. If I tell you to do a somersault, you won't be able to do it unless I train you correct? Why is emotional or communication training any different?


How Defense Ninjas is Unique

At Defense Ninjas, we understand that the needs or a high school student are very different from the needs of a nurse working late night shifts. A cookie-cutter program that is the same for everyone will not work. To help each of you ladies accomplish your specific goals, our program is designed to be FULLY CUSTOMIZED for you. Your training plan will be unique and different from every other student in the program.

The best way to learn is to learn in your OWN TIME. So you don't have to show up one hour per week to train with a group of other women and then not do anything for the rest of the time. You will train in your own time at your own comfortable pace. You will get one-on-one time with your coach who will work with you and guide you.

The Ninja Breakthrough System™ of Self-Defense is not just kick and punch. It is a fully comprehensive program that includes:

  • Building Self-Worth

  • Having Strategic Conversations

  • Developing Assertiveness

  • Increasing Situational awareness

  • Growing our Intuition and Self-Awareness

  • Eating healthy and making a Nutrition Plan

  • Enhancing our Health & Wellness

  • Becoming more fit and strong with an easy Fitness Plan

  • Reducing Pain, Inflammation, and Stiffness

  • Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, and Depression to Live a Relaxed, Motivated, Exciting, & Successful Life

... and more. We will incorporate in your Personalized Learning Curriculum all of YOUR GOALS. This is a Holistic Self-Defense and Empowerment Training Program. You'll learn the

  • Physical, but also the

  • Mental,

  • Emotional,

  • Psychological,

  • Communication,

  • and Wellness

aspects to eliminate all threats from your life.

Because this takes such an intentional effort on our part, we do not enroll everyone as students of the program. We only accept someone who is in at least one of the areas in their life:

  • A high school or college student

  • A working professional (in STEM or other fields)

  • A stay-at-home mom looking to reinvent herself

and also have all of the following characteristics:

  • Highly Motivated

  • Willing to Invest

  • Ready to be Strong and Empowered

If you think possess these traits, then Defense Ninjas just might be for you. To find out if you qualify, and to learn more about what the customized program will look like FOR YOU, reach out to us HERE.

P.S. The term "women" is used for convenience. Don't let your gender stop you from learning self-defense. Everyone, especially non-binary members of our community need self-defense the most!

Fauzia Lala is the Head Coach of Defense Ninjas, self-defense & empowerment expert based in Seattle. You can follow Defense Ninjas on Instagram and YouTube

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