STOP blaming others and TAKE responsibility

Mar 18, 2022
To see the change in the society around you it is essential to change your attitude and start accepting responsibility of your life.

What is the difference between Responsibility and Blame?

Taking responsibility and blaming others or yourself, are the complete opposite. When one blames, he/she refuses to accept the reality, disempowers and imprisons herself in a never-ending blame game. On the other hand, when you take responsibility, you choose to learn, empower and liberate yourself.


Whenever someone faces harassment or unjust behavior from society, it's very convenient to put the burden of blame onto the society or the person responsible. This may be right up to an extent; however, you cannot just shut yourself off and stop interacting with the world.


A better and more empowering approach would be to mentally (in case of more critical circumstances, physically) prepare yourself for such situations by taking up the charge of your life and personal security and looking for ways so next time you don't have to go through the same situation.

This can easily be achieved when you engage yourself in self-defense and body language improvement training.

People who are brave enough to take responsibility are the ones who heal from their trauma and emerge out as strong, responsible and successful individuals.

While those who always put blame on others for all the wrongdoings and portray themselves as victims, eventually end up making their lives miserable and adversely affecting their mental health.

So, if you’re blaming yourself or another person or some circumstance for the state of your life, you’re standing in your own way.