I am Double-Black Belt Martial-Artist, Self-Defense Expert, & Breakthrough Empowerment Coach.

I have trained in 7 martial arts for 12 years and have over 10 years of psychology & empowerment trainings with 6 certifications.

After realizing that martial arts classes and self-defense workshops do not teach REAL-LIFE self-defense, I started Defense Ninjas and created The Ninja Breakthrough System which is an empowerment based personal development and personal safety system designed for professional women and teens to help them master all areas of their life - from personal to professional, from physical to mental, and from safety to power.

We teach sexual harassment prevention, leadership skills, de-escalation skills, conflict resolution, body language, strong voice, building powerful persona, self-awareness, situational awareness, rape defense, weapons defense, how to speak up and stand up for yourself, street safety, travel safety, building self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, eliminating anxiety, overcoming fears, resolving past trauma through root cause analysis, overcoming body image issues, creating success, and more!

We do everything from private coaching to group workshops to corporate trainings. We guarantee your success 100% so reach out to us for your needs.



If you are looking for women's self-defense training, we offer private self-defense classes in the form of one-on-one coaching for women. We primarily provide women's empowerment coaching, women's executive coaching, women's life coaching, and private mentorship for women to prevent harassment in the workplace, feel safe on the streets, while traveling, and improve their personal relationships as well as professional relationships.

Our trainings are fully customized where we teach everything from conflict resolution strategies to situational awareness, and from psychological empowerment to body language training.

If you're looking to learn preventative self-defense and empowerment self-defense over combative self-defense that creates safety and strength in all areas of your life, we recommend you start with our Free 1-Hour Masterclass that we put together just for you.

After you finish watching the online training, you'll have the opportunity to book a Free Life Coaching Session with Coach Fauzia to get a customized training plan for you to get started and remaster your life!

FREE Empowerment Self-Defense Class Online for Women
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Are you looking for self-defense classes for teenagers? Maybe even self-defense classes for kids or your tweens? If you have a teenage girl who is suffering from bullying (or cyberbullying), anxiety, stress, peer pressure, academic pressure, and/or you fear she may face sexual assault at her school or college, then we've got you covered!

Our empowerment programs for girls provide bullying prevention strategies, and our online coaching program helps your child increase their self-worth, boost their self-esteem, build their self-confidence, and manage their anxiety in such a way that they thrive in their social life and academic life both.

We recommend you start with this Free 1-Hour Online Training we put together just for you. After you finish watching the training, you'll have the opportunity to book your Free one-on-one Private Coaching Session for Teens with Coach Fauzia to get Free Customized Training Plan for you to get started and empower your child for life!

FREE Empowerment Personal Safety Online Class for Teens



We provide trainings in, but not limited to, these safety and empowerment areas: sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, assertive communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, workplace cultural sensitivity, unconscious bias, anti-discrimination, workplace wellness, corporate ethics, productivity, and more.

If you're looking to host an event, training, workshop, keynote speech, or even interview Fauzia for your company or organization, then please click the button below to get started.

Corporate Trainings
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If you're looking to host an empowerment & preventative self-defense seminar or workshop for youth, teens, or even adults, then please click the button below to get started. You can submit an information form, book a call with us, get a quote, and get a customized workshop plan.

Group Workshops

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