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Women's Self Defense & Empowerment Blackbelt Program

Empowerment and Self-Defense Classes for Women is a Blackbelt Program that helps professional women in STEM combat sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and domestic violence, making them strong, safe, confident, and fearless in life.

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Meet Coach Fauzia

She is a Double-Black Belt Martial-Artist, Self-Defense Expert, & Empowerment Breakthrough Guru.

Trained in 7 martial arts for 12 years, Fauzia has first degree black belts in two martial arts.

After realizing that martial arts doesn't teach REAL-LIFE self-defense, she started Defense Ninjas™ and created The Ninja Breakthrough System™. This is an empowerment based self-defense system that helps women conquer and master all areas of their life, including personal, professional, safety and well-being.  

Fauzia has Education and Training in:

  • Martial Arts
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Psychology
  • Health, Wellness, & Nutrition
  • Self-Development
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